Get exclusive and motivated buyers and sellers in your city

We use an in house method to gain, qualify and nurture leads that actually convert into sales

Get a “done for you” managed setup to a fully developed system that WORKS

"I need 4 bedrooms 3 baths. My credit score is 687"

With our help, you’ll be showing homes and closing sales instead of wasting time with window shoppers.

LCL offers a completely done for you marketing solution that can QUADRUPLE your business. No more wasting thousands of dollars on old marketing strategies – we give you a cutting edge with our Real Estate Marketing Strategy.

And the best part? We don't overcharge like those big sites that give you crappy leads.

How do we do it?

Here is the exact step by step execution plan for what we will do

Lead generation

We create compelling ad copy and an elite Facebook ad campaign to bring in the type of leads YOU need

Our ads will bring in a lot of potentials but they need to be QUALIFIED

Lead Qualification And Live Transfers

We ween out the serious leads from the not so serious leads, whether they are not in the market or just not ready yet. This means you only deal with the HOT leads.

To do this a member of our team will reach out and qualify the leads for you and then report back all the information on them which is easily accessible in the CRM. If appropriate we also have the ability to perform a live transfer to you where we will hand you a hot lead on a silver platter ready to talk with you

For those that are NOT ready to buy or sell, it's time for the back burner...

Lead Nurturing

Our Nurturing strategies uses two powerful strategies to assure your name stays top of mind when your leads are ready to take action

A 180 text and email campaign to be sure you are consistently in the mind of these leads

On a consistent basis we will create retargeting ads within business manager to re target people who have engaged

We do this all like the flow of a river due to the power of CRM Integrations.

CRM Integratabtle

LCL Integrates with Zapier which ultimately means it can integrate with anything on the internet. We can have LCL Flow easily with any program you use!